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FlipAware SEO Services

Grow your business by increasing your search traffic!

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Outrank Your Rivals

We use high-quality PR backlinks and our disciplined SEO process to skyrocket you to the very top of your target audience’s search results.

Generate More Sales

Ranking higher in search engines will automatically guarantee an increase in targeted traffic and higher sales.


Our process is simple but not easy. We follow search engine updates religiously, studying new Google algorithms and testing our processes and tactics to ensure our methods are up-to-date. Our disciplined approach is how we are successful in satisfying our customers’ core objectives.
After your FREE website consultation, we will identify quick wins and create a sustainable plan for your SEO strategy. SEO, in general, is a relatively slow and time-consuming process. Your website’s current ranking and 200 known Google ranking factors affect the speed of improved results.
First, we will conduct an SEO audit of your website and digital presence to determine your ranking position within your market. A competitive analysis will also help us determine how to focus our local search engine optimization efforts.
We get you Google Search visibility on the first page of local search results within eight weeks. (some conditions apply) As a local SEO service, we work closely with local businesses to rank in targeted local searches fast because of our disciplined and streamlined process.
With our professionally researched blog articles and guest posts, you will build authority in your niche because of your quality content. Content marketing and link building are vital to set yourself apart from your competitors. Our SEO experts also complete time-consuming yet crucial keyword research, so you don’t have to.
As a local SEO company, we work closely with Toronto businesses and other companies within Canada and the USA to design their custom SEO strategy. Since 2014 we have years of experience successfully building both SEO strategies and SEO campaigns for long-term growth.


Local SEO Specialists in Markham & Toronto

Our processes improve local SEO search results by accurately increasing local business citations and increases valuable metrics like Trust Flow and Citation Flow.
We live and work in Markham, Ontario, and offer effective Local SEO packages as comprehensive as you need. It does not matter where your Local Business is as we apply proven methods and strategies to Flip your competition. We can manage one aspect of your SEO strategy (e.g., Content Writing) or an entire SEO campaign. With over 50 years of combined experience through our team, FlipAware SEO Services utilizes the latest technology, unique, safe strategies, and private networks to provide our customers with exceptional SEO results.
We differentiate ourselves from other SEO agencies by actually doing the work here in Markham and Toronto.
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Flip Your Competition

You are competing for the best position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), and most businesses compete locally. We understand local SEO, national SEO, and international SEO. We leverage sophisticated tools to monitor and confirm our results to you monthly. Trust us to distill the complexity down to simple tasks executed methodically to achieve the required results.

Toronto SEO Case Study

Increase traffic through PPC and Organic search Optimize Content and Conversions
Solved Website Speed Issues ready to pass Core Web Vitals test Optimized Google PPC Ads Corrected and updated existing and published new content monthly
3,400% increase in Organic Traffic and 200% increase in qualified leads

Competitive Pricing for Toronto SEO

We work to ensure our prices are not only affordable and transparent but highly competitive.

We provide professional SEO services for only a fraction of the typical market pricing due to our unique scaling methods.
We encourage having a conversation or meeting with us to discuss your objectives before making any decisions about your SEO plan.

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Our Services

Google My Business Visibility Ranking Package

Are you a small business serious about improving your Google rankings, increasing sales, and boosting local traffic? We have the solution. We boost your Google My Business rankings so you can focus on your business’s day-to-day operations. Our Google My Business Visibility Ranking Package is guaranteed to provide page #1 visibility.

Visibility Guaranteed

Visibility = Sales Growth

Gain 5 Star Reviews

Reliable & Professional Agency

Free Website Analysis

Our service gets you positioned within the Google Map 3 Pack.
What does it mean to your business to gain a position in the top 3 results?
We found that the top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks. Our data suggest that “ranking on the first page” should not be your only SEO goal. Instead, it’s all about ranking in the top spot (or at least in the top 3). The top 3 organic results get 75% of the clicks.

That’s where we come in to help you carry some of the weight.
Without our team’s services, it will take an average of 6 months to a year to gain a dominating position within Google. As you know, time is of the essence, especially when it comes to building a business.

Fully Managed Blog Content Writing Service

When you need help communicating your product and service offering to customers, you need a professional content writing service. We are your best option. To ensure you maintain or improve your ranking, you must update existing content and add new articles weekly or monthly.
With our team of detail-oriented writers, we can offer fully managed content writing to help you win a high-ranking position in search results. Our team of professional writers will create informative and interesting blog content for your website monthly in whatever field or niche you need.
For quality assurance and best of service, we employ the best hands to ensure that you receive nothing but the best. Our team helped us earn a reputation of being one of the most successful writing services available.
Our writers are carefully tested and graded for digital content writing. Then, we let them undergo our training program to learn how to write for humans and search engines, respectively. Because of our numerous professional writers with proven years of experience across various fields and niches, you will never have to hire someone to write for you again.

High-Quality Outreach Links Via Bloggers

Guest posts offer you the opportunity to drive traffic to your site and increase ratings. Our guest post ensures you get organic, quality in-content white-hat links to your site. There are several essential links that most people cannot access. We help you reach this enterprise-level with our manual outreach and drive traffic to your website.
We will create a unique article containing your links, secure a guest spot, and place the piece on a site that links to your website. A guest publication will help create and drive traffic and significantly boost your Backlink profile.
We get excellent in-content, White Hat links just for you through manual blogger posts. Generate high-quality links from blogger outreach guest posts! To ensure that we give you the best in-content links you can get out there, we create well-researched, unique content and publish them on authentic sites.
Rather than focus on SEO, we pay attention to create articles that inform and provide value to visitors of the site we post them to. We tailor the content specifically to meet the needs and interests of the sites’ audience and then direct them to your website.

Press Release Distribution: Storytelling for Your Brand or Business

Tell your story and get published via our Press Release Distribution on the most-read News websites like Google News, Digital Journal, Street Insider, ABC, NBC, Yahoo News, Fox News Affiliates, Online News Partners, and Social Media Placement. When you distribute a press release to respected news affiliates, you create brand awareness and tell your brand’s story.  Press releases can help you gain high-authority backlinks for your website.  They can even make it easier for your business to be discovered in search engine results by potential customers.

You want people to find you when they are looking up specific keywords on search engine websites. It becomes easier for you to make that happen when you have invested money into press release distribution. Not only do you want a link to your website to show up on one of the first few pages of a search engine website, but you also want consumers to feel like they can trust your website. If they trust your site and the information that comes from it, they will continue to visit your website, which will help you gain even more traffic.

Driving traffic to your website is essential. You want your target audience to land on your site, look around, read through your blog posts, and pay close attention to the content you are providing to the public. When you have your targeted audience on your website, you have a far better chance of making sales and gaining more business. You want to gain more business because you will earn more revenue and have the most success possible. Many business owners use press release distribution to achieve goals while marketing their businesses in an effective way. Companies have used press releases for decades. While the service is a traditional one, it continues to thrive and adapt to changes in technology that have occurred over the past several years. Despite being a traditional way to make people aware of your business and gain more traction, the distribution process works wonders and is a highly effective marketing method.

Social Media Services

Social media can make or break your business in the Greater Toronto Area. To reap the full benefits of social media, it’s not enough to have an account. Toronto companies need to join the conversation! Our social media marketing services help small businesses become a recognizable voice in their community. But there are so many marketing agencies that offer the same services. How is Flip Media different?

We are proud to be a leading digital marketing agency in Canada.  In addition to working with major social media platforms, we help with tracking each social media channel’s performance to assist individuals in growing their brand’s reputation.  

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Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services

Would you like to be first on Google’s search page at a fraction of the cost? Want to advertise on Google but don’t know where to start? Advertising on Google has many benefits for Toronto-based businesses. The biggest is its ability to find new customers who are currently searching for businesses like yours.

If you’re looking to advertise on Google, working with an experienced digital marketing firm or PPC agency will prevent you from losing the majority of your budget to trial and error. Don’t set up your AdWords account by yourself. At FlipAware, we will get your AdWords account up and running and set your business up for success. Avoid the expensive trial and error process that comes with using AdWords as a beginner. Let us do the heavy lifting and run your first PPC campaign for you.

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