Press Release Distribution: Storytelling for your Brand or Business

Tell your story and get published via our Press Release Distribution on the most-read News websites like Google News, Digital Journal, Street Insider, ABC, NBC, Yahoo News, Fox News Affiliates, Online News Partners and Social Media Placement.

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Why Invest in a Press Release Distribution?

When you distribute a press release to respected News Affiliates, you create brand awareness and tell the brand’s story, gain high authority backlinks for your website, and get found in search engine results to gain potential customers.

You want people to find you when they are looking up specific keywords on the search engine websites. It becomes easier for you to make that happen when you have invested money into press release distribution.

Not only do you want a link to your website to show up on one of the first few pages of a search engine website, but you also want consumers to feel like they can trust your website.

If they trust your site and the information that comes from it, they will continue to visit your website, and that is what will help you gain even more traffic.

Driving traffic to your website is essential. You want your target audience to land on your site, look around, read through your blog posts, and pay close attention to the content you are providing to the public.

When you have your targeted audience on your website, you have a far better chance of making sales and gaining more business. You want to gain more business because that is how you will earn more revenue and have the most success possible.

Many business owners use press release distribution as a way to achieve goals while marketing their businesses in an effective way.

Companies have used press releases for decades. While the service is a traditional one, it continues to thrive and adapt to changes in technology that have occurred over the past several years.

Despite being a traditional way to make people aware of your business and gain more traction, the distribution process works wonders and is a highly-effective marketing method.

The Benefits of Investing in Press Release Distribution

Business owners are often looking for different ways to market themselves and their businesses. They may use social media posts to make people aware of what they are offering while trying to increase engagement.

In addition to using social media, business owners can use compelling brand storytelling and professionally crafted press releases to get more of an emotional response from the consumers while connecting with their targeted audience.

Many business owners and marketers like knowing that press release distribution is an affordable marketing method. Along with its affordability, it is the perfect way to reach a specific group of people who can benefit from what the business provides.

High-quality press releases are optimized for the search engines and are known to boost the reputation of the companies that use them.

When you want an affordable way to gain exposure and enhance your reputation, press release distribution is such a powerful tool worth using.

How Quickly is My Press Release Published and Distributed?

Your Press Release is published in 24 to 48 hours (Monday through Friday). You do not need to wait long to have a press release explicitly created for your business. Your press release will contain real-time information that is useful to the consumers. Because it is published and distributed within 24 to 48 hours, all data is up-to-date and relevant to your business, allowing consumers to review current content instead of outdated content.

We believe in providing high-quality press releases that get published and distributed in no time. Unlike others who may take much longer, we provide our convenient and useful services at a faster pace. No matter the needs of your business, rest assured that we will have your press release distributed during a time that is best for you.

What is the Ideal Length of a Press Release?

A 600-word press release is ideal. It contains just enough information and useful content to engage those who are viewing it. The press release will often include several paragraphs. Some of the sections may provide case studies and quotes from different people. It will also contain information on the client’s brand. The average press release contains only the most useful details. Business owners get to decide exactly what types of information they would like to have added to their press releases before they get sent over to different publications. You can write the press release or you can ask us to write the PR.

Choosing the right length for a press release is a must. If it is too long and does not get straight to the point, people may no read through it. Sticking to short, informative paragraphs is the best way to increase engagement with prospective customers who could end up choosing to do business with you. Some press releases have less than 600 words. It is normal for some to contain only 300-400 words, but it all depends on the business and the type of information added to the press release.

How Many Links can I include in My Press Release?

We recommend having a maximum of two links because more links will reduce the effectiveness of your press release. You do not want to reduce effectiveness because that defeats the purpose of distributing them. However, you do need to make sure the links you add count. It is best for you to add links naturally as part of your marketing strategy. Naturally using anchor text links makes your press release seem more professional and informative. If you are adding more than two links, your targeted audience might feel like you are spamming them with links to different sites, and that could cause some severe frustration.

When readers do not think the content is legitimate because it looks spammy, they will not continue reading. It is for that reason that you must be careful when adding links to your press release.
Choose the right text in your press release to link to a website. Consider linking to a word that you will find on the page of the website that you are linking back to for maximum effectiveness because of the direct correlation. Be sure to do your research, carefully review any sites you are connecting to, and make sure you have copied and pasted the URL correctly. You do not want to add a broken link to your press release unintentionally. A broken link would decrease the efficiency of your press release while making it look less professional to the viewers.

Can I include an Image with my Press Release?

Yes, you can include a high-resolution image with a minimum size of 400 pixels x 400 pixels to your press release. The picture posted should match the type of content included in your press release. Choose your photo wisely to increase effectiveness. You need a photo that draws in even more attention from your targeted audience. Photos indeed tend to get attention a lot faster than traditional text, so you can use that to your advantage. 

Rather than using a simple stock photo, choose something with more of a human element that still directly connects with your business model and the content you have added to your press release. Always make sure the photo is of the best quality possible. Grainy images will not look good with your press release. Some marketers and business owners use a photo of their business or the logo they use. Take the extra time to think about the photo you want to add to your press release to garner the extra attention you want and need, whether it is a personal photo, logo, or something else of importance to you. (please note that we can’t guarantee the news Partner will publish images or video)

Can I include a Video in My Press Release?

Yes, you can embed one video in your article. Because you have the opportunity to include a video in your press release, use it as a way to tell a great story and connect on an emotional level with your targeted audience. There is a reason video marketing is so effective. Consumers find videos more entertaining, engaging, and downright fun to watch for the most part. It shows consumers the human side of the business while providing them with more of a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on. If you want to tell a great brand story and build that connection with consumers, you should include a video in your press release because it is useful (we can’t guarantee the news Partner will publish images or video).
If you are going to add a video to your press release, there are certain things you need to do. Record the video footage with a high-quality camera. Come up with a compelling story , for example, some of the most popular stories describe people’s lives. You need to have the right concept for your video. You may even want to have employees or influencers in your video to help with the storytelling process. When using videos for brand marketing, companies will often create a skit and have the people in the video follow it while using it as a way to promote their businesses.

What are the costs for Press Releases?

The cost of a press release will vary for several reasons. Numerous factors determine the price of a press release, including the following elements:
1) The length of the press release (we recommend 600 words)
2) The number of press releases requested
3) The News Partners and details requested
If you would like to find out how much it will cost to receive press releases for your business and have them distributed, please contact us directly. We will gladly provide you with details while gathering more information from you on your business needs. We would like to get more information on the number of press releases you would like to get from us.

Is there any Topics or Content I cannot submit as a Press Release?

We do not publish stock and financial news, as it can be manipulative. Additionally, we will not publish:
1) Online Gambling website promotions
2) Releases that include registered trademarks not owned by the Company releasing the news.
3) Articles that are written in a slanderous light toward a company, individual, or product.
4) Press releases that are written mainly as advertisements and do not contain newsworthy content.
5) Articles about celebrities or public figures.
6) Opinion pieces.
7) Fictional stories.
8) Adult topics.
9) Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) promotions.
10) Weight loss supplements.
If your business is not on the list of companies that we do not provide press release distribution for, feel free to contact us to get more information on our services and what we can do for you. We will gladly assist you.

What Will Happen After My Press Releases Get Distributed?

After creating press releases for your business, they are then distributed to numerous prominent publications. When you have a press release published, it then draws in a lot of attention and traffic for your website. You can expect to get much more attention for your business, which may result in more sales and more earnings for your business.

Businesses use press releases as a part of their marketing strategy. Having the right strategy in place makes all the difference. You can have press releases designed and distributed for your business. These press releases will contain only imperative, updated information, along with one photo and one embedded video of your choosing. After distributing them, you can expect to get a return on your investment as you gain more of a following and make more sales. Your targeted audience may express a huge interest in doing business with you after viewing one of your press releases on a major publication, such as Business Insider and Digital Journal.