Refund Policy

Please see our Terms and Conditions

1. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us within 48 hours of purchase.

2. If your site is changed during the campaign such that it includes inappropriate content as mentioned in clause B2,B3, B4 & B12 of terms and service, will stop your campaign immediately. In this case, you WILL NOT be entitled to a refund.

3. In cases where refunds are claimed for incomplete traffic, we reserve the right to require proof that the proper number of visitors were not delivered. Stats, Data and other information from third party counters (e.g., Hitbox, etc) are not sufficient to establish a claim. These counting systems tend to yield an improper count. If we dispute your claim, you must provide us with RAW server logs from the site and time period in question – this is the only reliable method of counting a visitor.

4. Any kind of shortened URL is NOT permitted.

5. All work is considered acceptable and approved when the subscription is continued as evidenced by a subsequent payment. The maximum refund liability is one month’s subscription payment. Purchasing this service implies agreement to this refund policy.