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Local SEO Services

You found us! It was our successful work on local websites owned by business people in the Greater Toronto Area that developed our skill and knowledge to this point. We have received hundreds of requests from people like you asking us to help improve their search engine rankings. It is not always easy or simple to maintain your ranking when you reach page 1 position like we have – but we do maintain our ranking because we know how! Read on and discover our product offering and options.

Ultimate SEO content writer

Ultimate SEO Package

The Ultimate SEO Package is designed to improve your search engine rankings month over month. This package is ideal for new and under-utilized websites planning to grow their web presence, or small-to-medium sized businesses searching for an SEO boost. All our hard work results in your web site being found by customers searching for your selected key words.

Ultimate Seo

Ultimate On-Page Optimization

The Ultimate On-Page Optimization writing package provides professionally researched content combined with carefully selected and strategically placed keywords will reverse the negative effects of poorly written content.

Our On Page services will also fix errors within your website that could be preventing you from ranking due to indexing errors, keyword cannibalization and many other potential errors.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Set-up

“Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.” – wikipedia.org

We will install Analytics on your website so you can track your traffic, measure ROI, and improve your website’s SEO based on data.